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This set includes:1 x 4 litre drinker (approx 50cm tall) with twin cups and rear hooks

1 x 3kg feeder (approx 50cm tall) with rain cover and rear hooks

2 x ergonomically designed lids

Also available seperately


Our drinkers overcome the problems of evaporation, spillage and soiled water. These drinkers incorporate two professional valve operated drinker cups (used by poultry experts) that only allow a small amount of water in the red cups at any one time. When the chickens drink from the red cups and the water level goes down, the valve automatically replenishes the cup (no need for the chickens to press on the float).

With traditional drinkers, we regularly had to change the water as the chickens had scratched dirt into the drinker. Like us, chickens need a fresh supply of clean water. The drinkers holds approximately 4 litres of water and are 50cm tall.

Our feeders overcome the common problem of feed wastage. We used to have so much grain wasted by chickens who would scratch all their feed onto the ground in search of the tastiest piece of grain! This is a very common thing for chickens to do. The uniquely designed tray that forms part of this feeder, has special divisions which discourages the chickens from 'swiping' the grain from the feed tray and onto the ground. Many dollars are saved using this type of feeder. The feeders hold approximately 3kg of feed and are 50cm tall.


These drinkers and feeders are also UV resistant - won't heat up like metal containers or degrade easily like other plastic ones on the market

Rear hooks - these drinkers and feeders simply hook onto the mesh of your coop, making cleaning and filling much easier than hanging drinkers.

Slimline, compact design - a big advantage is that these drinkers and feeders take up VERY little room in your coop. If you have a smaller coop, maximizing space is a key concernAustralian made quality

RAIN COVER:This drinker and feeder set comes complete with a rain cover for your feeder, to keep your feed clean and dry in any type of weather. The added benefit of the rain cover is that it helps to prevent wild birds such as sparrows and pigeons as well as possums, squirrels and rodents from eating from your feeder. No one wants to feed all the local wildlife when they're trying to just feed their chickens! Many dollars are saved using these feeders.

Royal Rooster feeders and waterers

PriceFrom $70.00
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