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Important note. Free postage is from Victoria and is taking about a month to arrive in WA.  You can select express post option which will be posted from Wanneroo and usually arrive within a week.  You are welcome to collect from Wanneroo too.


The Hensafe Solar Powered Chicken Coop Door operates through a programmable time clock which is connected to a lithium ion battery pack. We use a 5 watt solar panel with a 3 meter cable that needs a minimum of 5 hours direct sunlight (during winter) to keep the battery pack charged at 100%. ​


The battery pack has a specifically designed BMS (Battery Management System) to prevent it from losing charge or over charging. This ensures your door should never lose power, nor will you have to change batteries every year. The battery holds enough charge to continue operating for two weeks with no solar input. The timer, which has also been specifically designed for easy use, allows you to program the door to open and close at what ever times you choose on what ever days you want. It also has a manual override button allowing you to control the door manually if desired. ​


The Hensafe Solar Powered Chicken Coop Door frame is made from lightweight aluminium which ensures it can never rust and the door won’t jamb due to corrosion. The Hensafe Solar Powered Chicken Coop Door measures 920mm (H) and 450mm (W) with a door hole opening of 350mm x 350mm, and has a protective lid which is also made from aluminium for easy access to the time clock, motor and battery. ​


The Hensafe Solar Powered Chicken Coop Door is easy to install using the four predrilled tabs which can be used on any coop, shed or cage. Each Hensafe Solar Powered Chicken Coop Door and solar panel is tested and retested again before it is securely wrapped and boxed. The Hensafe Solar Powered Chicken Coop Door comes with a 12 month warranty and Hensafe offer technical support 6 days a week

Hensafe Automatic Coop Door