Origin: Uk

Egg Color: Brown

Egg Size: Large

Avg # eggs: 200/yr


The Black Orpington produced in 1886 at Orpington, County Kent, England, from a Black Langshan-Black Minorca-Black Plymouth Rock cross, is the original Orpington. The Buff and White varieties were produced from crosses other than those which were used to make up the Black Orpington. Cochin blood was introduced into some of the earlier strains of Orpingtons as evidenced by some of the more loosely feathered specimens. The original Black Orpington came to America in 1890.

Orpingtons are birds which like to be free range. They have a very strong tendency to go broody and therefore make great mothers. Their eggs are small and pinkish. They are greedy birds and need exercise to keep fit. Their wingspan is short therefore they can be kept in areas with low fences.

The standard colors for an Orpington are black (single or rose comb), blue (laced) buff and white. They are a heavy but loosely feathered bird which makes it look large. The blues and blacks are the largest colours. The buffs and whites are slightly smaller. The dark colours have dark eyes and legs while the paler colours have red eyes and white legs.



United Orpington Club - http://www.unitedorpingtonclub.com/apastandard.htm



Buff Orpingtons


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