Origin: Australia

Egg Color: Brown

Egg Size: Large

Avg # eggs: 300/yr


The Australorp is a heavier bird, which originated in Australia in the 1920s. They descended from the black Orpington and crossed with the Australian Langshan. Australorps have either blue, slate blue and darker lacing or black plumage which has a beetle-green sheen. They have very prominent, dark eyes. Their comb is single and evenly serrated while their earlobes are red as are their medium length wattles. Their black legs are strong and free from feathers and they have 4 toes. Australorps are calm and friendly birds which are hardy and can handle the cold weather okay.

Roosters and hens can be distinguished by their body carriage (their "stance") and shape/size of their feathers and comb. Roosters have more erect carriage, holding their heads higher than the highest point of their tails. Hens have deeper abdomens and more pliable pelvic bones to accommodate egg-laying. This characteristic of body carriage is the first noticeable trait seen in Australorps that can be used to distinguish males from females.





Black Australorps


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